Improving Internet Access Across the US

Improving Internet Access Across the US

In today’s day and age, we have no problem making electric, driverless cars, sending people to the Moon, developing countless types of robots, and getting ready for AI to take over the world – all thanks to ever evolving technology. Internet access should be the least of our problems, right? Well, that isn’t quite how it’s worked out. Countless people across America are still having trouble accessing the Internet. It truly makes you wonder – if our nation is among the most developed in the world, why isn’t our internet the best out there as well?

Internet and Geographical Discrimination

We can discuss many things about the internet, but one thing is for sure. In the U.S., the internet discriminates people from different geographical regions. Don’t believe us? There are plenty of studies and market research reports showing that internet access simply isn’t the same speed or quality for urban folks and those people from more distant, rural areas of our country.

If you don’t think this can be a problem, you might want to see it this way. The better the internet access, the better the economy, education, healthcare, and overall well being of our community or, ultimately, nation. Why? Because the internet is the place where everything happens today, like it or not. Business, education, communication, politics, even international conflicts. It’s chock full of useful information. Unfortunately, not all of us can access it.

Why so slow?

Another problem with today’s internet connections is speed. Remember dial-up? That noisy, slow and unreliable connection we had years ago, when the internet was but in diapers, isn’t completely dead. Sure, the noisy part is gone (thank heavens!), but throughout rural America you can find very poor and annoyingly slow internet.

The internet is actually a combination of intangible light pulses and tangible optical cables, towers and other hardware we need to convey those pulses, or data packets, around the world. Well, the hardware part throughout the U.S. is not the newest or the most expensive, or even maintained as often as it should be. And voila! You end up paying for far slower internet access and connection purely because someone’s not keeping up with the times.

Can the big internet service providers and those in charge fix it? Yes. Can we, please, have the same broadband service as the South Korea? Well, not quite yet. But don’t lose hope. The same internet access and speed for all is coming. Until then, may the Force be with you!

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Leaders like Kotton

If we are going to make America great again we need better leaders.  Donald Trump fits this category for sure but he is still only one man. We need leaders at all levels of society. Not just at the levels which appear out of reach or out of touch with the common man.   One such leader comes to mind in a business entrepreneur named Kotton Grammer. This is my Kotton Grammer testimonial.

This man, from what I have seen has accomplished what appears on the surface to be a miracle in terms of income earnings in a 4 year time span. The claim is that he has made over 15 million dollars in that time from promoting a service called Search Engine Optimization to help businesses he reaches out to improve their online presence. He is also a coach to others who want to learn this art/science and help others in turn.

Kotton appears to have the admiration of many as he charges fearlessly ahead and blazes an impossible to ignore trail into the business wilderness. If you are looking for leadership in the SEO world, it would seem we have crowned a new king. Kotton Grammer

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