The Dangers Posed By Dirty Carpets

If we are going to Renew America….we can do so one unhealthy household at a time!

Clean carpet

While most homeowners regularly vacuum their carpets, some take no further action believing that this is adequate and carpet care. Unbeknown to such people, there is more to carpet care than just vacuuming. In fact, a carpet that is not professionally cleaned at least once a year is a disaster waiting to happen as it poses many health risks to the residents of a home.a

Skin infections

Depending on the traffic that a carpet deals with daily, it could easily become home to dirt, allergens, and bacteria that could cause harm to everybody in the home. Food particles and dead skin that get embedded in the carpet do not only encourage the growth of germs but also attract common household pests such as roaches.

Whenever you walk barefoot on a dirty carpet, you risk getting an infection especially if you have a cut or scratch. The results in most cases are skin infections such as athlete’s foot and you could avoid such by getting your carpet deep cleaned by pros such as In some cases, the effects of a dirty carpet are revealed in the form of skin asthma – a condition that is marked by painful and itchy rashes.

Risk of asthma and other respiratory diseases

By the time the naked eye can see that a carpet is dirty and therefore needs cleaning, it’ll have accumulated plenty of mold, dead skin cells and furs that easily get into the air when people walk on the carpet. When such organisms are inhaled, a host of health complications can result. Such a carpet is a danger for a person with asthma and you can expect an increase in asthmatic attacks. Even asthma-free people risk getting the disease when they are frequently exposed to dirty carpets.

Other respiratory diseases that could be triggered by dirty carpets include bronchitis and frequent colds and flu.

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Increased stress levels and higher risk of stress-related diseases

People living in unsanitary environments usually suffer greater stress than those living in clean environments and a dirty carpet could be the trigger for higher stress levels for people living in a home. Studies have shown that stress accounts for the majority of the diseases and conditions that people suffer from because it leads to the weakening of a person’s immune system. Keeping your carpet clean can keep the residents of your home stress-free thereby guaranteeing that you’ll avoid most of the common ailments.

Allergic reactions

Exposure to a filthy carpet could easily trigger allergic reactions for people with allergic conditions. There are people who are allergic to odors such as those produced by pet urine and if your carpet is not properly cleaned you’ll notice that such people could start sneezing or develop skin rashes. That is why it is important to have your carpet cleaned by the pros who will ensure that all forms of dirt and odors are eliminated.

Dependable carpet care involves the thorough cleaning of your carpets and also ensuring that they are properly dried to guarantee that they do not become the habitat for the development of molds. Only a reputable contractor like Dependable Carpet Care | carpet cleaning Spokane can ensure that your carpets get the real service they deserve.

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