The 5 Dangers of Water Damage in Your Home

The 5 Dangers of Water Damage in Your Home

Water is the most important resource in the world, yet it has the ability to badly damage homes. Without the consumption of water for even 72 hours, we would die. Water has the power to save your life as well as to terrorize it in full spectrum from minor to catastrophic especially when it comes to your home. It’s not only a hassle, but it is also extremely stressful. Time is of the essence and it is crucial that the water not only is cleaned up as soon as possible but done so thoroughly and properly. The longer the water is leaking into your home the higher the dangers to the health of your family and home will become.

There are the blatantly obvious situations that water is going to cause damage to your house such as surges of water caused by floods. Even desert areas like sin city (Las Vegas) are exposed to changes in temperatures that can cause destruction from water. All home flooding is usually a result of severe storms with heavy rain, hurricanes, and tornadoes. However, other sources of water damage aren’t as obvious.

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Water Damage Sources

  • General plumbing issues – leaky pipes, unregulated water pressure, and deterioration of old pipes. Tip: Slow leaks may not be noticeable at first. If your water bill increases and water consumption has not changed – it is an indicator you have a leak in a pipe or fixture somewhere.
  • Uninsulated pipes – Ice can form in the pipes In the winter if pipes drop to 32 Degrees Fahrenheit or below causing water to back up and pipes to burst.
  • Old household appliances – dishwashers, washing machines, refrigerators, and hot water heaters can have leaks in hoses or connections, etc.
  • HVAC unit – Air conditioning units need regular upkeep to keep moisture from accumulating and to avoid leaks.
  • Toilet overflows – Main Sewer line clogs and clogs in drains can prevent the water from being “flushed” out causing the toilet to clog and overflow.
  • Sewer backups – Sewer systems are designed to have wastewater taken away from the house. Damage in the sewer line can make wastewater backflow into sinks, toilets and basement drains. Heavy rain and other inclement weather can also overwhelm the sewage system.
  • Clogged gutters – Water that does not drain properly can drip down the walls of the house that could result in water damage to exterior walls, windows, as well as puddle around the foundation of your home where water can seep in and slowly destroy it.
  • Damaged roof – Water leaking from an old roof can cause damage to ceilings, walls, and flooring.

Here are the Dangers that Water Damage can Cause in a Home

  1. Mold and bacteria – Mold begins to form and spread in 24-48 hours after the affected area is exposed to water. Mold affects the respiratory systems in our bodies through mold spores that enter your lungs and can cause allergic and asthmatic symptoms. Fungal infections weaken the immune system when your body is exposed to mold and bacteria. If not properly remedied it can continue to grow and cause health issues with symptoms similar to allergies or a common cold leading to more severe health issues.
  2. Structural damage – Water damage Las Vegas says leaks put stress on 2×4’s, as well as metal fasteners causing them to buckle. A few signs of distress to look out for are: cracks in wood, difficulty opening and closing windows and doors; rust, blistering paint, wet insulation, wet electrical circuits and cracks in the foundation.
  3. Blackwater – It’s hazardous for everyone and everything! Humans, pets, morale, you name it. It is a mixture of urine, feces and flush water – it’s toxic waste. It transmits disease resulting in serious illness of the digestive system. It also releases endotoxins in the air which are then breathed in the lungs and can cause long term respiratory illnesses. It is crucial to have everything that was exposed to this water disposed of and/or cleaned thoroughly and properly.
  4. The dangers in purchase/sale of your home – One thing that homeowners don’t always think about when purchasing a home is so simple. If the home is built in an area that is subject to flooding over minimal rain; or more probable to flooding due to a nearby creek, lake, pond, river and/or ocean. Sellers should disclose if water has entered into the home or has had damage; even though that doesn’t mean they always do. If it is disclosed, make sure to ask a lot of questions on the size of the storm, the amount of water that entered; as well as the sources, if the source was repaired, and if the home was cleaned by professionals. To Renew America makes an effort to inform others and help people know these solutions ahead of time. Also, keep in mind that most home insurances do not cover flood damage. So make sure you verify and get in writing if your home insurance says you are covered for flood damage. Having a home in a flood prominent area that suffered from water damage could be difficult for resale. Although the previous damage is not seen, it doesn’t mean that it is not there, having an inspection with a thorough and reputable inspector could protect you from making a risky investment. You should always disclose damage from water and confirm the problem was resolved properly. Keep receipts and any disclosures of work done to the home regarding water damage restoration.
  5. The danger of loss of Personal Possessions – Water damage can cause furniture to bleed and/turn white. The quicker the water is removed and the restoration process is started the more likely it will be to save valued possessions. However, possessions whether replaceable or not can be extremely upsetting when lost. A loss is a loss, and some, of course, are harder to stomach than others.

Unfortunately, catastrophes do occur and sometimes there is no remedying or recovering lost sentimental items. If this occurs remember that it is okay and healthy to mourn your loss as it will be a grieving process. With grieving and loss also comes renewal and restoration. Servpro in Las Vegas, NV is willing, able and ready to help relieve the burden and restore as well as prevent future issues of the devastating damage that water can cause to your family and home. If you’re in Vegas and need help, you can find Servpro’s information here:

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