The Dangers Posed By Dirty Carpets

If we are going to Renew America….we can do so one unhealthy household at a time!

Clean carpet

While most homeowners regularly vacuum their carpets, some take no further action believing that this is adequate and carpet care. Unbeknown to such people, there is more to carpet care than just vacuuming. In fact, a carpet that is not professionally cleaned at least once a year is a disaster waiting to happen as it poses many health risks to the residents of a home.a

Skin infections

Depending on the traffic that a carpet deals with daily, it could easily become home to dirt, allergens, and bacteria that could cause harm to everybody in the home. Food particles and dead skin that get embedded in the carpet do not only encourage the growth of germs but also attract common household pests such as roaches.

Whenever you walk barefoot on a dirty carpet, you risk getting an infection especially if you have a cut or scratch. The results in most cases are skin infections such as athlete’s foot and you could avoid such by getting your carpet deep cleaned by pros such as In some cases, the effects of a dirty carpet are revealed in the form of skin asthma – a condition that is marked by painful and itchy rashes.

Risk of asthma and other respiratory diseases

By the time the naked eye can see that a carpet is dirty and therefore needs cleaning, it’ll have accumulated plenty of mold, dead skin cells and furs that easily get into the air when people walk on the carpet. When such organisms are inhaled, a host of health complications can result. Such a carpet is a danger for a person with asthma and you can expect an increase in asthmatic attacks. Even asthma-free people risk getting the disease when they are frequently exposed to dirty carpets.

Other respiratory diseases that could be triggered by dirty carpets include bronchitis and frequent colds and flu.

Spokane WA

Increased stress levels and higher risk of stress-related diseases

People living in unsanitary environments usually suffer greater stress than those living in clean environments and a dirty carpet could be the trigger for higher stress levels for people living in a home. Studies have shown that stress accounts for the majority of the diseases and conditions that people suffer from because it leads to the weakening of a person’s immune system. Keeping your carpet clean can keep the residents of your home stress-free thereby guaranteeing that you’ll avoid most of the common ailments.

Allergic reactions

Exposure to a filthy carpet could easily trigger allergic reactions for people with allergic conditions. There are people who are allergic to odors such as those produced by pet urine and if your carpet is not properly cleaned you’ll notice that such people could start sneezing or develop skin rashes. That is why it is important to have your carpet cleaned by the pros who will ensure that all forms of dirt and odors are eliminated.

Dependable carpet care involves the thorough cleaning of your carpets and also ensuring that they are properly dried to guarantee that they do not become the habitat for the development of molds. Only a reputable contractor like Dependable Carpet Care | carpet cleaning Spokane can ensure that your carpets get the real service they deserve.

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How to Keep Your Furnace and AC in Tip-Top Condition

The furnace is an essential part of any home or office and it must be kept in the best possible condition to make sure that it does not malfunction when you need it most. A furnace that fails to work at the height of a freezing winter is a scenario that no home owner would like to envisage but it is not too uncommon. Luckily, it is possible to keep your furnace in tip-top condition and to ensure that it continues to give you the service you need.

Check and change filters as appropriate

A furnace in otherwise great shape could fail to give you the service you need because the air filters are dirty. Such filters will usually interfere with the flow of air thereby reducing the efficiency of your unit. If you have the knowledge, you simply need to clean the filters or, alternatively, have them replaced once a month. If you notice no improvements in the efficiency of the furnace, consider seeking the help of  pros.

Address thermostat issues

The heat that your furnace produces is determined by the condition of the thermostat and most furnace problems have their root here. Most people will notice that their furnace has a problem when they switch it on and it produces no heat. In other instances, the furnace could produce excess heat or keep fluctuating from moments of extreme heat to moments of zero heat.

While sometimes a furnace will fail to work simply because the thermostat is switched off, most thermostat problems are technical in nature and are best handled by the pros at .

Address mechanical problems immediately

The earliest indicator that your furnace could need attention is when it starts to make excessive and unusual noise. In situations like this, it is possible that the burner is clogged. When you notice that the furnace’s blower is running non-stop, chances are that its limit switch is faulty and would need to be replaced. To address the mechanical issues and to guarantee that your furnace continues to function well, it is advisable to seek the help of Revive Heating and Air condition experts. Revive also specializes in AC repair in Spokane WA

Watch out for gas leaks

Gas leaks are indicators that the piping of your furnace is faulty and should be addressed with urgency for they could lead to fires. Should you smell gas near the furnace, you must not use the furnace for your own safety and should vacate the premises until the source of the smell is identified and rectified. In such a situation, the competent contractors at Revive Heating and Air conditioning will help to not only diagnose the problem but also carry out remedial actions.

Conduct annual maintenance

To keep your furnace in great shape, you should have it appraised by a professional contractor such as Revive. Annual maintenance helps identify possible problems and also allows for the replacement of faulty or inefficient parts. The annual exercise plays a great part in ensuring the long life of your furnace and also helps you avoid costly repairs in the future.

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Simple Rules to Follow When Looking for a Premier Online Marketing Company


It is said that more than two billion people from different corners of the globe are active users of the internet. For this reason, it is no longer a big surprise that online marketing has successfully produced even higher profits and sales for the past few decades. Simultaneously, technology also sees constant advancements, which also paved the way to the ever-growing number of competition. Having said this, you can be sure that you will benefit a lot when you hire the services of a premier online marketing company. 

But, before you go and search for a company you can count on, there are some pieces of advice you have to remember to help you choose the ideal provider that suits your business. 

Achievements and Experience are of Equal Importance

Before anything else, you must never neglect to check the length of time that a company has been part of the industry. You should pay extra attention to their credentials including their awards and professional certifications. You also need to look into other vital details like experience, skills, and experience of the company’s staff members. 

Aside from these, it is a must to have some idea of the exact things that a marketing company can and will do for you and where their efforts are going to take you and your focus. You must focus on a comprehensive evaluation of their achievements. Make sure to check and inspect their portfolio and use the right keywords for you to search both their past and present clients using the search engines. When the websites of these clients are on top rankings, you may look forward to getting similar results for your own website. You have to personally visit the actual websites together with their integration with different social networks. As much as possible, you have to try to obtain data regarding the conversion rates as well as the sales of the marketing company’s clients.

Comprehensive Will Always be Better When It Comes to Online Marketing Services

There are business owners and managers who assume that they only need SEO and paid advertising just to achieve higher conversion rates and website traffic. While these are of great help, still, the best way to get great results is to hire a company that offers a comprehensive service. The truth is, it is advisable to choose an online marketing company which offers a complete strategy for both your product and business as a whole. The strategy must include off-page and on-page SEO, social media marketing, email marketing and content marketing. There must be precise methods to be followed to achieve the clearly defined goals that you set. 

Specialization Matters a Lot

Finally, you have to consider hiring an online marketing company that carries an extensive experience when it comes to the specific industry you belong to. Most companies don’t have narrow specialization but they tend to work with a certain clientele. For example, if you are a clothes seller online, you have to search for a service provider that predominantly works with apparel stores, fashion magazines, and designer brands. 

Don’t just hire any online marketing company. Remember these tips to avoid any regrets in the end.  

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How to Earn Money Online That Won’t Cost You a Dime

I want to keep this short today. But let me just give you a brief introduction for your own good.

You are here because you are looking for a way to earn money online. And I’m pretty sure that you have seen a lot of websites advertising for easy ways to work from home and earn cash over the Internet. The truth is most of those websites are not for real. Usually, a scammer’s website will entice someone looking for ways to earn extra money online to register first with their email address and pay some fees to gain access to their promised online money making opportunities. In most cases, one seeking for a way to earn online will never see her money again and never obtain a single opportunity.

Earning cash online is real, but you have to be very careful when looking for one. Legitimate ones are free and require no fee to register.

Data Entry Jobs

This is the easiest way to earn online as this only require that you copy and paste information that will be provided by your client. Check out my previous post where I detailed the things you will need and the legitimate companies who need people looking for home based online data entry opportunities.

Earn by Selling Websites

See this blog? You will need to create something like this. Once you gain a lot of visitors, you can sell your website between 300 to even thousands of dollars depending on your blog’s popularity and traffic. One of the most trusted website to have your blog or website advertised is

Product Review

By reviewing products, you don’t just earn money online, but gets to try new products. Sometimes, you won’t even need to return those products that you reviewed. If you are interested with this form of earning money, check out my previous post where you will find a realistic view and guidelines on earning with product review.


Paid Surveys

This is also one of the easiest method to earning money on the Internet. All you need to do is fill out forms and get paid from it. and are just a few websites who offer paid surveys.

Earn by Posting on Forums

Many website owners need someone who can post on forums for them to advertise their own website. Some of them will pay you $0.50 for every post you make for them. You will find legitimate clients at which will require you to register first, provide verifiable identification and some tests.

Earn Money Online with Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing starts with a blog like this. You will need to display somebody else’s advertisement banner. If your blog visitor click on that ad, who will be redirected to their website and eventually purchase their product or services within 30-60 days, you get a commission between 15 – 70%. All you need is register and you get to choose a lot of advertisers. Just make sure that your advertisement is related to your blog topic to get the maximum result. To learn more about this, I had an extensive writing about making money with affiliate networking. Just follow the link to get a glimpse of it.

Google Adsense

These are mostly contextual ads. To earn with Google Adsense, you only need to register your blog and Google will take care of choosing which ad is best for your site. You get to earn when someone clicks on their ads. This blog that you are looking at right now is about blogging for beginners where you can find comprehensive information about affiliate marketing and Google Adsense. Just click on the tab above about passive income to learn more.

Make Online Money with Article Writing

Websites need to be updated regularly to remain on top of Google searches. Owners of such websites can’t do it alone, so they hire people who can write for them. This market is huge since there are millions of websites competing against each other. But to convince website owner that you can actually write a good content for them, you can start with a blog as a reference for them. If you can write but just needs to trim a little, you can check my previous post about learning to write a blog. Blog writing happen to be a little bit different than a regular article writing.  You can check and for these kinds of opportunities.

Earn Cash Online with Graphic Designs

If you know graphic design, you can earn a lot online. Start with a blog like this where you can promote your graphic designs. The best way to attract visitors is to give out something for free to showcase your work.

Making Money Online with Web Designing

Do you know that there is a website born every 30 seconds? The Internet is the best way for website designers to make a lot of money. This is a never ending online opportunity. You just have to create a blog or a website like this to prove your skills. And then, go to to look for prospective clients. Once you have acquired various projects from Odesk, you can then be on your own promoting your skills online.  

Online Cash Opportunity with Photos

Are you good in photography? A lot of website owners are looking for pictures to display on their websites, and are paying cash for those images. You can showcase your photos at Shutterstock, Istockphoto, and Shutterpoint among others. You don’t need to do a thing to sell your pictures, but to upload them on these websites.

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