The hat is an important human invention and for understand its

relevance, we would have to go back to civilizations as old as the Egyptians,

Romans and Greeks. But the truth is that always since the beginning of the

history of the Human civilization, the hat has had a utilitarian part, for

example, to cover of the sun or the rain, and this tool has a part a part that

has to do with fashion, as a signal of distinction, social segmentation and

also of seduction. 


Humbles beginnings


It is true that the first Roman peasants used hats like a

symbol of a low social status. However this was modified and evolved through

years and the creativity plays an important role because, the designs using

materials from small animals such as rabbits or ships.


Later, hundred a years later, scala hats began to be a symbol of

distinction between kings and generals, and leaders of the civilized world, for

example how to forget the bicorne shade of the great Napoleon Bonaparte. 

A symbol of power It is fair that we pause in this part about

the French conqueror to say that for hundreds of years after Christ, hats have

been symbols of social status since they were made of furs, feathers and with

the most interesting designs.


For example, the top hat of the 18th century was a sign of

distinction and elegance of the wealthy Western upper class in Paris, London

and even Madrid. On the other hand we can mention that in the XVI century, King

Louis XVIII of France was known for his huge and colorful hats, evident symbol

of the nobility, a trend that has developed over time and in different



A manly instrument

On the other hand, we must mention that contrary to what you

can think the beginnings of the hat are male, that is, from the Arab turbans or

the square caps of the Millennial China of the Emperors, through the Persian,

Ottomans, and process like the industrial revolution of the S. XIX in England,

because the hat has been made of straw, rabbit skin, beaver, vicuna and other

highly prized materials that adorned the heads of military Leaders, spiritual,

and royalty. 


The Cinema and the Hats

It is precisely in the XV century with the appearance of sheep

woven hats and the eccentricities of King Louis XVIII of France that this

instrument becomes a sign of social hierarchy. The cinema and the hat Hundreds

of years later and already with the beginning of the silent film, with the

charming Charles Chaplin, Buster Keaton, later with the cinema in black and

white with actors like Humphrey Bogart, Marlon Brando, James Dean, among others,

the cinema catapult the definitive style of the hat and although in the

last 20 years it has not undergone drastic changes, because it is still more

than an ornament, it is also a symbol of power and seduction.

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