What to Put in a Geocache

Geocaching is the hunting for hidden treasure using GPS coordinates on your GPS device or appropriate smart device.  You can use apps for locating different caches and go exploring to find them.  It is a fun activity for the entire family and something that can keep you busy on an otherwise boring weekend.

Sometimes, though, it’s just as fun to be the one hiding the geocaches.  You’ll have a lot of fun picking out a hiding place and making sure you can hide your cache there.  You don’t want it found by someone who isn’t playing, and you also want to make sure that it’s allowed to hide a cache there in the first place.  Decorating your box is a lot of fun too. You can camouflage it using dried tree bark or camouflage duct tape.  Once you’ve picked a place, and managed your box, it’s time to fill it up!


Geocache Swag

First and foremost, you want to make sure that your box has the appropriate items inside.  This includes a log book and a pencil. Make sure your cache is water proof so that way no water can seep in and ruin the log book.  This is a must because people are going to want to sign their names so other people can see that they found the cache first.


Geocache Trinkets

Once you’ve loaded up your box with the appropriate swag, it’s time to load in the trinkets if your cache is large enough.  This can be a fun step too, because you get to pick out what sort of trinkets you want to put in there.  This can range from small things such as Happy Meal Toys and bouncing balls and stickers to artsy things like paint by numbers and pine cones.  You can also make your geocache trinkets related to the history of an area so people can see what sorts of things belong in the environment that you chose.  This geocaching website is putting some pretty amazing things into their geocache!

Geocache Items Found

There are many different items that have been found while geocaching besides the regular trinkets. These can include a variety of things such as coins, poker chips, toy cars, and bullet shells.  Other people leave things such as Pez dispensers.  There are also geo-cards, personal geo-coins, and specialty pens.  The number of things you can leave is truly enormous.  It makes for a lot of fun while hunting to not know exactly what you’re going to find next.


Geocaching Swaps

When you find a geocache with things inside, the idea is to swap something out so that way people who are going to find it next will have something else to find themselves.  There are several ideas that you can put in the geocache to make it fun for the next person so make sure you leave something behind and don’t just take all the loot.  These can include green army men from a dollar store, leather wallets, party toys, key chains and bracelets, gaming dice, small hand paintings, and small books.  Whatever you decide to leave, people are going to collect it, and it’s going to make for a great story for someone to tell. Imagine explaining that you got your fancy new wallet from a geocache!

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